HSN Mentoring Client Spotlight: Treasure Coast CrossFit

Meet the team from Treasure Coast CrossFit

Nicole runs the nutrition program and launched their program 1 year ago! They are currently in the middle of their 2nd challenge, Fall Reset!

What led to the success of your nutrition program and your most recent challenge launch?

We are coming up on the one year anniversary since launching our nutrition program at our gym!! This time last year, we were wrapping up our course certification, moving into an office space, painting, decorating and getting ready to launch our first challenge with 17 participants! It was a whirlwind! Fast forward a year later and here we are in the middle of our 2nd challenge, our Fall Reset, with more than double the amount of participants! We have 36 awesome people (5 non-members) who are doing an amazing job kickstarting their health by creating healthy habits!!! I think part of our challenge success this year stems from having some experience under our belt, people are seeing success stories from some of our members that have done individual coaching and had great results, we are stressing the importance of nutrition more in our gym and there is a greater presence on our social media as well. We have so many dedicated gym members who are doing an awesome job getting their exercise in every week but you can’t out exercise a bad diet. Exercise is only 1 hour of our day and we know that people need support with the other 23 hours of the day- eating balanced meals, eating more whole foods, dealing with stress, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and feeling supported in reaching their goals! Reflecting on the past year, as the Nutrition Coach I have gained so much knowledge, experience and confidence working with HSN that has helped me educate, guide and better support my clients. I attribute a lot of our success thus far to our partnership with HSN and all of their tools, resources and most of all, support and encouragement that we have received! While growing our program, I have seen myself grow over the past year, not only as a nutrition coach but as a person and I’m grateful to HSN for their role in that process. It truly takes a village and we have a great team of coaches at our gym that work together to provide a fun and encouraging atmosphere for our members while challenging and supporting them to become their best selves through fitness and nutrition! I’m grateful that we are a part of the HSN family and surrounded by such a passionate, positive and supportive group of people who genuinely want to help grow nutrition programs by empowering coaches and gym owners so they can best support their clients, which will lead to the overall success of their program. I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in our first year with the help of HSN and our awesome team at TCCF and I’m excited to grow our program even more and help more people reach their health and wellness goals!

You recently started using the new pricing binder provided by HSN, what has the impact been since implementing it?

The new price binder is an amazing tool and it does a great job of merging Nutrition and Fitness together into one program which is what we were struggling with! We know that offering nutrition and fitness together from the start presents our potential members with the best option available to help them reach their goals. Since launching our “12-Week Total Transformation” package and utilizing the HSN price binder, our Head Coach, Daniel, has had great success signing people up in the Free Intro. We wanted a simple yet effective way to present our program, highlight what’s included, what to expect, showcase success stories and testimonials and how we’ve helped people just like them reach their goals through fitness and nutrition, with a streamline way for them to get started. The price binder was the perfect tool and solution for us!

What is the #1 reason you decided to start with HSN and are you happy you decided to do it?

We definitely had other options but we chose HSN because of the personal, on-going support we knew we would receive, not only during the mentoring phase, but long after the course was completed. The ongoing support is amazing. Everyone is very experienced, motivating, and willing to help!

If you could give advice to a gym owner or nutrition coach running a nutrition program what would it be?

Don’t do it alone and don’t reinvent the wheel! If you aren’t a part of the HSN Family, sign up today and start taking advantage of all of the amazing tools and resources their program has to offer! Nicole and her team have developed and mastered an incredible nutrition program that encompasses everything you could ever need and more to successfully run a nutrition program at your gym! It's a turn key, top notch product and service with unparalleled support to ensure you are successful along the way!

Where do you see the program in 3 months? 

My goal is to keep building on our momentum! We have so much opportunity to grow our 12-Week Total Transformation package, build our Kids and Family nutrition program, expand into Corporate Wellness and increase our community presence! We want to help as many people as possible become their best selves, one healthy habit at a time!

Please describe how you feel you are receiving value from HSN and its services. 

The support from Nicole and all of the amazing mentors we’ve worked so closely with at HSN during the past year, especially Jen & Lizz, has been instrumental to the success of our program. As the nutrition coach at our gym, I can honestly say there is no way I would be able run a nutrition program of this caliber and be able to provide my clients with this level of support and resources without all of the support and tools that HSN and the amazing mentors provide. They offer so much knowledge and experience, anytime I have a question or need advice they are always there, so eager to help and offer a solution. I’ve never met such a passionate group of people that are so invested in their members and genuinely wanting them to succeed not only in growing their programs but also as individuals and coaches by providing ongoing education and just doing everything that they can to support them along the way! It’s truly an invaluable asset to me and our program!

What is your favorite resource or tool provided by HSN?

I don’t even know where to start and it’s so hard to pick just one! All of the monthly content and graphics are so incredibly helpful when planning social media posts and email campaigns, and the nutrition talk topics and presentations templates save so much time! The “Grow Your Nutrition” and “Nutrition Made Simple” podcasts offer so many great tips, the HSN App and videos are FANTASTIC, the webinars and intensives are great for role playing and networking with other gyms to learn about what they are having success with, the FaceBook group is great for sharing ideas and getting advice, everyone is so passionate about what they are doing and so supportive of one another. There are so many great tools and resources at my fingertips and I wouldn’t be able to run our program as confidently, effectively and efficiently with out HSN an all of their amazing resources!

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