Making Nutrition Present in your CrossFit Gym


Here Are 4 Ways To Make Nutrition a Presence In Your Facility:


#1 Bring Nutrition Into Your Intake Process

The best way to ensure a client’s success and to grow your nutrition program is the make it simple for people to get started with nutrition and fitness in your facility. This typically beings with the Free Intro process.

Are you only asking clients about their fitness related goals and experiences?

Ensuring that 50% of your questions in the Free Intro are related to nutrition is the  easiest way to integrate nutrition into the conversation. You could ask things like:

  • How would you rate your nutrition on a scale of A to F?
  • What have you tried in the past with fitness and nutrition?
  • What worked well?

If you take a moment to think about your ideal clients and what their goals are- I bet they would say something like they want to increase confidence, feel more energized, lose weight and fit better in their clothes! All of these goals need balanced nutrition – offered through consistent coaching!

We would not guiding them properly if we were to skip the foundation of the wellness pyramid, which is nutrition, and jump right to fitness. 

# 2 Have a Consistent Message

 The value of nutrition is known by most, but the problem is people are confused. Just google the word nutrition or diet, the results are overwhelming and inconsistent!

 In order to help people navigate what works best for them there needs to be a clear and consistent message within your facility. Owners– that starts with you. The importance of nutrition starts at the top and must be consistent down the line from owners, to staff to members.

All staff within your CrossFit gym need to be  trained on what your nutrition program entails, how someone gets started, and feels confident when answering the most common questions about your program.

When you empower your staff to feel comfortable talking about nutrition, they know how to answer questions about the program when asked by clients. They may even be the voice that starts the conversation.

#3  Make Nutrition Visible

At HSN Mentoring we know making nutrition visible in your facility is essential.

Exposure fosters action. When your new or existing clients see and hear a consistent message it will prompt them to think about what they are doing or to think about what they want to achieve–then who will they reach out to for help? The people who made nutrition visible and the path to success clear (you). 

This is why we guide our mentoring clients to add nutrition related content to social media and email marketing, and create a nutrition board then update it regularly.

In most cases posting nutrition-related content at least 2-3 times per week and sending a nutrition-related email 2-4 times per month is ideal. You want to offer tips, success stories, recipes or food pics and video content regularly.

When creating a nutrition board some of the key points to include are: 

  • Success Stories. Why do success stories need to be told? Find out HERE 
  • A Recipe
  • Graphics or Visuals offering guidance
  • How to get started with your nutrition program
Check out these awesome examples below from a few of our HSN Mentoring gyms!

#4 Talk About It

Do you talk about nutrition regularly in your CrossFit gym? Relying solely on social media, emails and your nutrition board just isn’t enough.

Having conversations related to nutrition consistently is one of THE BEST WAYS to bring exposure to and grow your nutrition program. At CrossFit HSN we ask nutrition questions of the day. The coach asks a nutrition related question, waits for everyone to respond, and then responds with a little bite of information provided by the nutrition coach. I  may look something like this:

Question: What did you have for breakfast today

Coach response: Having a balance breakfast can help prevent over-eating the rest of the day and ensure you are getting enough fuel for your body.


You don’t have to ask a nutrition related question every single day- but you should be doing it at least 1x a week (on your busiest day). Try switching things up throughout the rest of the week and ask questions to get to know your clients. What super power would they want and why? What is thier favorite color?


If you are not doing these 4 things to make nutrition present in your CrossFit gym, I  highly recommend you start with #1 and NAIL DOWN your consistent message with your staff then move to #2. Just like you tell your nutrition clients, don’t try to completely overhaul everything at once- choose one habit to work on, do it consistently and then layer something new on top!



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