Nutrition Program Updates With HSN Mentoring: January 25th

Save time and don’t reinvent the wheel when building and growing a nutrition program in a gym. 

Leverage all of the tools and resources provided by HSN Mentoring.  

Program Updates

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New Resources *MEMBERS ONLY* is coming 02.02.21

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Building a Balanced Smoothie
Beginner Workout Guide
Grocery List
Hydration Resource

Free Help: The Ultimate Nutrition Program Starter Guide

Let’s Face It! You Don’t Have Time To Build A Nutrition Program From Scratch. The FREE Training includes:

  • Free Checklist & Starter Guide To Building A Nutrition Program

  • List Of Additional Free Help Resources All In One Spot Just For You

  • Weekly Emails & Additional FREE Help To Build A Wildly Successful Nutrition Program

Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast
Episode 59: 3 Tips To Make Your Nutrition Program Stand Out Among The Crowd

Does Your Program Get Lost in the Crowd?


There are countless diet and diet experts out there. If you are a nutrition coach, it is EASY to get lost in the crowd. How do you stand out?

In today’s podcast, Ashley Osterman and Nicole Aucoin discuss three tips for helping your program stand out in the crowd!

If you are listening to this, you are passionate about helping people and want to inspire others; you must bridge the gap between your ideal clients’ problem and the solution you offer.

Curious on how to take the tips in this podcast and apply it? Listen to this week’s episode on the Nutrition Made Simple Podcast (Episode 11).

Featured Blog Post

You have decided to start a nutrition program in your gym and you have found the perfect coach – hooray!


You have decided to start a nutrition program in your gym and you have found the perfect coach – hooray!


As a gym owner, how can you best support your nutrition coach so they are able to build a successful nutrition program?  

By providing them what they need to succeed!


CONTINUE READING BELOW  for the top 5 things nutrition coaches need to build a booming nutrition business

Nutrition Made Simple Podcast

New Episode Released Weekly!

 If you have not listened to these yet you should! If you have not passed these episodes to YOUR nutrition clients you NEED to!

Episode 11: CrossFit Gym Owner Loses 200# & Is Now Helping Others Through Nutrition Coaching>>HERE

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Building A Nutrition Program In A Gym

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Healthy Kids Cookbook: 100% 'Kid-Approved' Recipes For The Whole Family

Healthy recipes that the entire family will love are tough to find! In this cookbook, Brody and Cooper Aucoin share their favorite healthy recipes. They hope to inspire other families to eat healthy and try new things. In this cookbook, you will find dietitian tips and healthy meal ideas by the founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition and Registered Dietitian, Nicole Aucoin.

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