Setting the Stage for Success

A new quarter is a perfect time to set clear and realistic wellness goals with your clients. It is also a great time for you, as the owner/nutrition coach, to set clear and realistic revenue goals for your nutrition program for the rest of the year.

You may know what you want to earn, but a goal without a plan is merely a wish – and while wishes are great for Christmas, we need something MORE.


How can you set the stage for success the rest of this calendar year?

#1 Hybrid Onramps

Refine your intake process and start with one question “what is one thing you struggled with the most last year?” Odds are, their answer will be nutrition-related. Now, more than ever, people are motivated to get started with a plan and that plan needs to include both fitness and nutrition. Set monthly goals for yourself for how many new members start with a hybrid membership – if you’re not the person speaking to members on the front end, ensure a consistent message so they are feeling confident!

#2 Nutrition Talks →

 The BEST way to get non-member engagement (and to offer awesome free help to your current membership) is by hosting monthly nutrition talks. Using the slides, speaker notes and workbooks that we provide, you’re able to educate and HELP your community. Hosting the invite via zoom ensures all participants feel comfortable to join in the conversation. LIke anything though, consistency is key – make sure you are planning these talks for the same time/day each month so your audience can start expecting them! Do you have talks planned for each month of the calendar year? Now is the time!

#3 Nutrition Challenges → 

We know that nutrition challenges are a great way to get people started on the right path to success, but we also know that hosting them too often leads to ‘challenge burnout’. Look at your upcoming calendar year and be strategic in your challenge planning. We recommend no more than two per year and common times are at the start of the year when their original New Years resolution plan didn’t work out – and also in the fall close to conventional holiday times. Set those challenges in your schedule as well as when marketing will start!

#4 Accountability Meetings  → 

Saving the best for last here, or in this case, the most important. Setting the stage for success takes a team effort. If you are a nutrition coach, the owner needs to be aware of your goals and plans for the year so he/she can support you best. If you are an owner, the nutrition coach needs to be a part of the events and make his/her own revenue goals. Think of accountability meetings as an opportunity to take ideas and put them into action – to formulate the HOW once your team has agreed on the WHAT.

When your intake process is solid, nutrition talks for non-member engagement are scheduled and you have a solid plan capture new leads, onboard new clients and most importantly, keep them engaged, you have a better idea of what your monthly revenue goals COULD and SHOULD be.


Not sure how to get started with a plan? Check out our free help resources or if you’re an HSN Mentoring client – make this the focus of this month’s mentoring call!


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