3 Marketing Strategies To Help You Have A Wildly Successful Launch Of Your Nutrition Program In Your Gym

Chances are you know someone who has made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Research shows that over 60% of people make New Year’s Resolutions, and most of them are related to health and weight loss. 
Here are the top New Year’s Resolutions from 2019:
  1. Diet or eat healthier (71% of people)
  2. Exercise more (65% of people)
  3. Lose weight (54% of people)
People are more likely to take action or start something new on a milestone like the New Year. 
But where do you fit in? 

You must position yourself as the guide to help your clients achieve the results they are looking for.


When they are ready to take action, they need to think of you first, which means you need to be marketing your solution to their problem now! 

Here Are 3 Marketing Strategies To Help You Have A Wildly Successful Launch Of Your Nutrition Program In 2021 & Position Your Self As A Guide:

#1 Provide FREE Help

While this takes time, it is well worth the return on investment. You need to provide simple and actionable tips to help clients make a change on their own. Then, when they are ready, they will come to you for help! 
Your FREE content can include: 
  • Social media tips
  • Videos with captions
  • Email content (send to your entire list)
  • Nutrition talks 
We recommend repurposing content to save time and increase the reach of your message. 


This is our favorite strategy at Healthy Steps Nutrition and HSN Mentoring. 


Not sure what a nutrition talk is? This virtual nutrition seminar allows you to start a 2-way conversation between past clients, current clients, and new leads about nutrition! 
International Nutrition Talk Day Is January 2nd! You can host a FREE nutrition talk for your community provided by HSN by filling out this form. 


Join the hundreds of CrossFit gyms and wellness facilities worldwide who will use this nutrition talk to increase awareness about their nutrition program and provide free help to the community!  


Gyms using the HSN Mentoring platform have increased sign-ups for challenges and individual coaching programs from these nutrition talks. 

#2 Share Success Stories

Most people try 7-10 diets before seeking a professional. They are overwhelmed by all the information out there and are unsure that your nutrition program is right for them.
Your ideal clients need to see other people just like them who have seen success with your program.
Check out the success stories of Healthy Steps Nutrition Clients. You will notice that these clients ALL talk about how nutrition and fitness played a role in their success.
If you want more nutrition-only or nutrition and fitness clients, you need to highlight those types of clients.

#3 Build Nutrition Into Your Culture

If you want more members signing up for nutrition, you need to make nutrition a part of your culture. They need to understand how nutrition coaching will help them achieve the results they are looking to achieve. 


Here are a few ways to build nutrition into the culture:
  • Ensure your entire staff is on the same page and speaking the same language about your nutrition program
  • Ask questions fo the day about nutrition
  • Highlight people in classes who are doing awesome with nutrition
  • Share healthy recipes during classes
  • Integrate nutrition as a part of the conversation — What should you eat before and after your workout? What is best for recovery? 
Once you build nutrition into your culture, you set up goal-setting sessions with your clients. Clients who are looking to lose weight, guide them to upgrade their membership to nutrition and fitness. 


Building a nutrition program from scratch can feel overwhelming, and you don’t have time to reinvent the wheel as a gym owner!

HSN Mentoring provides a turn-key solution including training, marketing and the systems to build and grow a wildly successful nutrition program. 

Are you looking to save time and not reinvent the wheel?

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