Everything You Need To Launch A Nutrition Challenge In A CrossFit Gym

Are you looking to launch a nutrition challenge in your CrossFit gym but are unsure where to start? 


We have you covered! We have compiled all of our FREE help to provide gym owners with a guide to launching a nutrition challenge.


The New Year is a great time to run a nutrition challenge in a gym! People are motivated to make a change, and they are seeking help.


Most gym owners have no idea where to start when planning their nutrition challenge. 



After helping over 3,000 gym owners and coaches run nutrition challenges, it’s clear what you need to do to run a successful nutrition challenge. 


As a CrossFit gym owner and Registered Dietitian, I understand what it takes to build a successful nutrition program and challenge within a CrossFit box. 


Here Are The Best Practices When Launching A Nutrition Challenge In A CrossFit Gym:

Planning Your Nutrition Challenge


Best Timeframe: 4-6 Weeks
Anything longer than that, clients will start to disengage. At Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ, we run two types of challenges, a 28-day challenge or a 6-week challenge.


How It Works:
Instead of recommending people to change everything at one time, try keeping it simple and focus on one habit each week.


Planning Your Content:
You want to create content for clients to receive each week. At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we focus on one habit each week. Every week, clients receive professional videos through the HSN app related to that habit, a mindset tip, a kitchen tip, and a recipe like this one.

We recommend having touch-points with your challenge participants through a centralized place. You don’t want clients texting, Facebook messaging, and emailing you.

Gyms using the HSN Mentoring platform have access to the HSN app to ensure a professional experience for their clients and all of the content is created for them.

If you are not an HSN Mentoring client, you might create a Facebook group to release content and communicate wit challenge participants.


Habit-Based Theme Calendar Example:

Week 1: Eat 1/2 Plate Veggies
Week 2: Drink 60-80 Ounces Of Water
Week 3: Prep Balanced Breakfast (Protein, Carbs & Fat)
Week 4: Try A New Healthy Recipe

Avoid The Challenge Trap:
Most gym owners will launch a nutrition challenge, and their clients will see great results. The problem is the nutrition program at the gym will end at the end of the challenge. 
Make sure that it’s easy for people to continue with you after the challenge so that you can avoid the challenge trap!


Pricing Your Challenge: Make sure you charge the right amount. 
We recommend charging more than your ongoing coaching rate.

For instance, at Healthy Steps Nutrition, our ongoing coaching rate after a challenge is $109/month. Our 28-day challenge price is $129, $20 more than our ongoing coaching rate. You don’t want clients to pay more per month to continue with you after a challenge.

Marketing Your Challenge

Before marketing your challenge, you need to provide free help so that people start associating nutrition help with you and your brand like recipes, nutrition tip videos. For inspiration, follow HSN HQ HERE.

The next thing you want to do is host a virtual nutrition seminar to provide more FREE help, then call people to action to sign up for your challenge. Nutrition talks were voted the #1 way to increase engagement, collect leads, and re-engage past clients in 2020 by gym owners and coaches using the HSN Mentoring platform.

HSN Mentoring provides businesses using our platform a new nutrition talk every month, including the slides, speaking notes, a canva template, and a recording.


Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ is hosting a FREE nutrition talk for our following on Saturday, January 2nd! You can see what it looks like from a client’s perspective by registering and attending our New Year, New You Nutrition Talk live. REGISTER HERE.

If you want to host your own nutrition talk, we have made everything for you for FREE. You can download the presentation, speaking notes, and a recording of us giving this nutrition talk HERE.

Ensure your staff is on the same page with your nutrition program and how to get started with the challenge. You need there to be a consistent message to your members.

Pro Tip: Have a physical sign-up board that visible to everyone in your gym. We put our sign-up board right next to the WOD whiteboard; when people see others joining, they want to join too. FOMO! 

How To Increase Engagement During A Nutrition Challenge

We recommend weekly prizes instead of one big prize at the end. This is a great way to get increase engagement.


Plan to meet with everyone individually at the end of the challenge. Book these appointments at the beginning, so they have an end date for the challenge. During this ending appointment, you will talk to them about all of the awesome things they have done, the struggles they have had, and how you can help them after the challenge. Make it easy for them to continue. Either upgrade their membership to a hybrid option (nutrition and fitness) or a nutrition-only offering.


Virtual nutrition seminars were voted the #1 way to increase engagement with past members, inactive followers, members, and new leads!

How? Think of a two-way conversation that starts with 3-4 simples tips to help people get started on their own with a call to action at the end to join your nutrition challenge or individual nutrition coaching program.

Gym owners worldwide have used these successfully to capture leads and re-engage past clients to build nutrition-only revenue during COVID shutdowns.


Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ is hosting a FREE nutrition talk for our following on Saturday, January 2nd! You can see what it looks like from a client’s perspective by registering and attending our New Year, New You Nutrition Talk live. REGISTER HERE.


If you want to host your own nutrition talk, we have made everything for you for FREE. You can download the presentation, speaking notes, and a recording of us giving this nutrition talk HERE.

What Happens After Your Nutrition Challenge

This is where most gyms fall apart.

Your challenge should kickstart your nutrition program, not be the only nutrition offering you have for your members. 

You need an ongoing coaching program to support your clients after the challenge is over. 


To save gym owners time, we created a FREE starter guide and checklist for running a challenge.

You can create all of this from scratch, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you are thinking, all of this sounds great, and I don’t want to create anything on my own, HSN Mentoring can help!

HSN Mentoring has a turn-key-solution providing you with the training to become an effective nutrition coach and everything you need to get the business-side set up correctly. 

You can join the 3,000+ gym owners and coaches who have used the HSN Mentoring platform to build a successful nutrition program. 


Here’s What They Are Saying…

We cannot thank HSN enough for their support and knowledge ramping up our nutrition program! We have been talking nutrition for 12+ years, and now HSN has taught us how to be effective nutrition coaches, not just fitness coaches who gave nutrition tips and advice; there is a huge difference, and HSN made that happen.

HSN has brought our nutrition program to the next level. Our members love everything HSN has to offer! As a gym owner, offering a legit nutrition program is what separates us from other gyms.

If you are looking to start or grow an existing nutrition business, this is the best way to do it! They will help you put together a very professional product to offer your clients, teach you how to market it, how to hire and train your nutrition coaches, and every other little thing you need to know to be a success. I highly recommend them!!

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