How HSN Training Provides Consistency

As a business owner, you have all the best intentions to ensure a world-class experience for your clients. The problem is, without systems, it’s impossible to execute. 

As gym owners, we prioritize consistency with the gym and running classes. If you offer the same class at 6 AM and 6 PM, even if there are different coaches, the client experience is similar, right?


Does your nutrition program provide a similar experience to your clients?


When you are running a nutrition program in a gym, your clients talk to each other. It will be easy to see if one person has a different experience than others. You need a consistent client experience. You need systems to ensure consistency. 


Lack of systems causes gym owners and nutrition coaches to feel overwhelmed with only a few clients; therefore, they are limited with the number of people that can enroll in a nutrition program. 


The Healthy Steps Nutrition training process teaches the systems and training to ensure a consistent experience.

Here’s how we do it.

Nutrition coaches go through a training process. They learn how to coach clients using the Healthy Steps Nutrition approach and systems. In training, coaches learn the fundamental skills to become effective nutrition coach, how to market themselves as a nutrition coach, and leverage all of the tools and resources that HSN provides. 


From there, they shadow a nutrition coach; then they have a mentoring call with one of the HSN experts to ensure there is consistency. 


To wrap up the training process, the coach in training has an evaluation with our HSN expert mentors. 


This ensures the coach will apply the information learned in training and execute when working with clients. 


Coaches rave about how confident they are when graduating because of the support beyond an online course. 


If you are looking for a turn-key solution to start a nutrition program, training your staff, and continue to grow the program, the Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring program is for you! 


Are you looking to build a nutrition program beyond an informal conversation or a challenge? 


Let HSN Mentoring help you get your program set up, train your coaches to ensure a consistent experience, and lastly, how to grow your program beyond the walls of your gym. 


It’s easy to get started, book a free call HERE. 



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