Recap of The CrossFit Town Hall

In case you missed it, yesterday Nicole Carrol and Eric Roza, the new owner of CrossFit, hosted the first quarterly Town Hall. 


Eric said the new mission statement for CrossFit is “Be the world’s leading platform for health, happiness and performance.” 



I LOVE the new mission statement; you can’t have health without proper nutrition! This statement brings us back to the fitness pyramid and nutrition as the foundation. 
He talked a lot about the many companies that have used the CrossFit platform to help build their companies. He mentioned CrossFit employing 100 people, but thousands worldwide are using the CrossFit platform to make their living. 
I’m forever grateful that we are one of them. CrossFit has given us a platform to share our mission of empowering clients to take control of their health through a simple, habit-based approach at a local level at our Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ location and a global level through HSN Mentoring. 




A few takeaways from the CrossFit Town Hall were:


  • Eric committed to a more significant international presence and support. 
  • He committed to $7 million in funding between him and investors to help support the CrossFit Foundation. There are some non-profits using the CrossFit Methodology. I’m excited that more light will be shed on the work they are doing. We have personally worked with a few, including Barbells for Boobs and Green Beret Project.  
  • He discussed making free help to underserved populations more accessible. 
  • He discussed providing affiliate owners with more support to build resilient businesses.
The future is so bright, and I’m excited to see what will happen in the future with the organization. 



Here’s what we are doing at Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ: 


  • We are continuing to provide as much free help through our social and website. Did you know that HSN hosts virtual nutrition talks every month that are 100% free for the community? 
  • Community Nutrition Talk Powered By HSN: HSN Mentoring gave every gym owner access to one free community nutrition talk (speaking notes, a recording, and a printable to send out to all participants). You could partner with a local non-profit and provide free help about nutrition. 
  • FREE Monthly Webinars: HSN Mentoring will continue to host FREE monthly webinars on best practices when building nutrition into a gym. Use this free help to help you build a more resilient business. In August, we hosted two webinars on increasing confidence as a nutrition coach and how to avoid the challenge trap. 
  • Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast: We were continuing to publish weekly podcast episodes to help you build a more resilient business. Last week we talked about how to run a nutrition challenge successfully and how to you a challenge to build momentum about ongoing nutrition coaching. Listen >>HERE. 
The need for proper nutrition is a common ground for everyone, no matter the age, ethnicity, demographic, or country. We know the best way to treat chronic disease is to prevent it. This comes down to fueling your body with quality food and staying active. 


If nutrition is the missing piece of the puzzle in your business, click the link below and utilize the free help we have available for you. 
If you are looking to not reinvent the wheel, HSN Mentoring provides a turn-key solution to implementing nutrition programs. We have helped over 2,000 gym owners and coaches build successful nutrition programs through a simple, habit-based approach. To learn more, book a free call today >>HERE.

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