Podcast Episode 176: How To Build And Lead An Unstoppable Team Filled with Mike Michalowicz

In this podcast episode, Nicole Aucoin interviews Mike Michalowicz, discussing his upcoming book, “All In: How Great Leaders Build Unstoppable Teams.” Mike emphasizes the importance of creating a positive team culture and shares insights on effective leadership strategies. He highlights the significance of weekly one-on-one meetings to understand employees’ personal aspirations, using the concept of […]

4 Ways A Nutrition Program Can Increase Revenue For Your Gym In 2024!

featured nutrition program

As we approach 2024, it’s a great time for gym owners to reflect on where they are currently with their business, and where they want to go. Helping people reach their health goals, and live a healthy lifestyle is why most gym owners started. Along the way they realized they needed to generate revenue if […]

Podcast Episode 175: Best Practices When Running A Nutrition Challenge In A CrossFit Gym

Are you planning to run a nutrition challenge in New Year in your gym or CrossFit affiliate? During this episode, Nicole Aucoin, founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition, discusses best practices when running a nutrition challenge in a gym. Nicole has helped thousands of gym owners launch nutrition challenges to kickstart an ongoing nutrition program. In […]

FREE WEBINAR RECORDING: Prioritizing Mental Health & Self-Care: Preventing Burnout

Full Webinar and Workbook WORKBOOK What is Burnout? A state of complete emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion. Burnout Statistics Burnout is on the rise in all industries and life. Burnout among gym owners and coaches is about 3-5 years. Women and workers under 30 have the highest burnout rate. More than 40% of people with […]

Fueling Success: 3 Topics Every Nutrition Board Should Spotlight in Your Gym.


As gym owners, we know that embarking on a wellness journey isn’t just about hitting the weights or logging meters on the rower; it’s a holistic endeavor that encompasses both fitness, and nutrition. At the heart of any successful fitness program lies a strong foundation of healthy eating habits. That’s where your nutrition coaching program […]

Podcast Episode 172: Inside The Small Town Strong Documentary: Changing The Way We See & Respond To Addiction

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin interviews Dale King, a CrossFit affiliate owner, about his impactful journey using CrossFit to aid individuals battling opioid addiction. Dale shares insights into his documentary, “Small Town Strong,” which addresses addiction’s challenges and offers solutions. He delves into how pharmaceutical companies misled doctors, contributing to the opioid crisis, and highlights […]

Podcast Episode 171: Turning Pain Into Purpose: Karen Thomson & Revitafest

What You’ll learn: Addiction and Recovery: The episode delves into Karen Thomson‘s personal journey of overcoming addiction and her experience with eating disorders, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of her recovery. Holistic Wellness: Karen discusses the importance of a holistic approach to wellness, emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as […]

Podcast Episode 170: How To Rethink Launching A Nutrition Program Inside A CrossFit Gym

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin explores the essential parallels between running a gym and establishing a successful nutrition coaching program. She underscores the importance of adopting a holistic approach to health, incorporating nutrition alongside exercise, stress management, mindset, sleep, and more to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. Nicole offers valuable insights on repositioning nutrition challenges […]

Podcast Episode 169: CrossFit Affiliate Support With Don Faul, CrossFit CEO

In this episode, we dive deep into a captivating conversation with Don Faul, the CEO of CrossFit, as he unveils the future plans and strategies that will shape the CrossFit community. The discussion touches upon several pivotal themes, including streamlined communication, collaboration, and community-building efforts, and the importance of storytelling and partnerships in reaching new […]