2 BIG Reasons Gym Member Goal Setting Sessions Can Help Your Nutrition Business

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What are gym member goal setting sessions (sometimes called member checkins), and how can they help your gym and nutrition business? As gym owners and nutrition coaches we hear it all! “I want to lose 50lbs”, “If I could just get a strict pull up my life would be complete”. All these client goals are […]

Podcast Episode 168: Top Questions {Answered} From Gym Owners On How To Build Nutrition Programs In Their Gym

In this episode, common questions surrounding nutrition coaching programs are addressed. Nicole delves into topics such as paying nutrition coaches, finding the right fit for coaching roles, transitioning from free to paid challenges, engaging existing gym members in nutrition, understanding legal boundaries, attending live events, and her personal leadership strategies. Top Questions Answered includes: How […]

Podcast Episode 167: How To Do A Health Check On Your Nutrition Program: Tips For Gym Owners

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin provides insightful guidance on evaluating and optimizing a gym’s nutrition coaching program. Through a comprehensive four-pillar approach, Nicole delves into the key areas of communication, sales, fulfillment, and retention. With a focus on effective communication, she emphasizes the importance of a consistent and clear message about the nutrition program and […]

Podcast Episode 166: Metrics That Matter & How To Improve Them: What Gym Owners Need To Know

In this episode, Nicole interviews Nick Reyes, Chief Revenue Officer at PushPress, they delve into crucial metrics for gym owners to monitor in their businesses, including length of engagement and average revenue per member per month. Understanding and optimizing these metrics can lead to a more successful and sustainable fitness business. They also talk about […]

15 Reasons Your Gym’s Nutrition Program Revenue Is Not Growing

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If you are a gym owner looking to increase your gym’s nutrition program revenue, then this article is for you! Running a nutrition program in a gym is an exciting endeavor, but behind the scenes, gym owners and coaches often find themselves overwhelmed with daily tasks. The demanding nature of this business can make it […]

Podcast Episode 165: Addressing Hormone Health With Clients

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin and Amanda Haar delve into the fascinating and important topic of hormone health. They provide valuable insights and practical tips for nutrition coaches to confidently address hormone health with their clients. From understanding the phases of the female cycle and the impact of hormones on nutrition and body composition to […]

Things To Do At The 2023 CrossFit Games For Affiliate Owners

Are You Going To The CrossFit Games? Most people head to the CrossFit Games to watch the top athletes compete to be crowned the fittest on earth.  Did you know there so many other things to do throughout the weekend? The CrossFit Training team hosts seminars all day long on various topics that are free […]

Podcast Episode 164: Simple Tips To Grow Your Business For Gym Owners With Mike Michalowicz

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin interviews business expert and author Mike Michalowicz, who shares valuable tips for gym owners on growing their businesses. They discuss the significance of focusing on core competencies and avoiding distractions, understanding clients’ needs, and leaning into the gym’s strengths to become a specialist rather than a generalist. They emphasize the […]

Podcast Episode 163: How To Increase Nutrition Revenue In A Gym

In this podcast episode, Nicole Aucoin discusses the importance of nutrition revenue and its impact on the growth and success of gyms. She shares statistics and insights from a national survey and a live event, revealing that while many gyms claim to offer nutrition programs, they generate less than 5% of their revenue from them. […]

Podcast Episode 162: How To Increase Retail Sales In Your Gym

Join Nicole Aucoin and Jack Eisenhut in this episode as they delve into the world of retail sales within the gym industry. Jack shares his expertise as a gym owner, emphasizing the importance of investing in retail to generate passive income. Discover how offering a variety of products, such as protein supplements, workout equipment, apparel, […]