Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast: Episode 16 Kayla Pollock with Tri-Cities CrossFit

Gyms around the world are being forced to close their physical location. The leaders in the fitness space are embracing it and moving to a completely virtual platform. Today’s guest is Kayla Pollock from Tri-Cities CrossFit.  Kayla has been using the HSN Mentoring platform to build a comprehensive nutrition program at Tri-Cities CrossFit.  In this […]

Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast: Episode 13 Achieve More By Doing Less

Do you have workdays that you finish and think “What did I actually get done today?” As an entrepreneur, it is so easy to get overwhelmed by a neverending to-do list. The problem is distraction can derail your progress to achieving your goals. You really need a way to stay hyper-focused and not get distracted by […]