Setting the Stage for Success

A new quarter is a perfect time to set clear and realistic wellness goals with your clients. It is also a great time for you, as the owner/nutrition coach, to set clear and realistic revenue goals for your nutrition program for the rest of the year. You may know what you want to earn, but […]

3 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

Mentorship is the most important professional relationship to explore. Whether you are a coach, owner, or mentor in your own right, we all benefit from having a mentor. That consistent voice of reason and opinion – someone that is invested in your success and has a role in getting you there.   What are the […]

Diversifying Your Revenue Streams With a Big Impact

If you’re like most fitness facilities, your 2021 revenue goals include diversifying revenue streams and servicing a broader audience.   The answer might be in front of you – do you offer a kids or teens fitness program? Is there a high percentage of adults with children frequenting your classes? Do you have many families […]

3 Reasons You Need To Evaluate Your Nutrition Coaches

When was the last time you evaluated your nutrition coach?   If you’re not seeing nutrition clients yourself, the answer is probably —- never! And you are not alone!   Our gold standard recommendation is for owners and nutrition coaches to be meeting every 2 or 4 weeks for accountability, but an important part of that […]

Abs Aren’t The Only Thing Made in The Kitchen….Or The Most Important!

Nutrition coaches love recommending their clients spend more time in the kitchen.    The old expression “abs are made in the kitchen” may come to mind when they make that recommendation, but would it surprise you to know growing defined abdominal muscles is low on their priority list?    There are more sustainable and impactful […]

What Are Anchor Habits and How Can You Leverage Them?

People generally do well and stay on track when they are consistent and engaged in routine.   Shake up that routine and they may fall off track – making it harder and harder to reach their wellness goals.  What contributes to a shakeup in routine is different from person to person, or in this case, […]

If The Scale Can’t Measure Happiness, What Can??

    Traditionally, success is rooted in biometric changes. Many of our clients come to us with specific goals that are tied to increases or decreases in our body composition – our weight, our body fat percentage, our waist/hip/thigh circumference. When focusing on the biometric changes, we can become short-sighted and lose perception of other […]

5 Ways to Simplify your Challenge while Maximizing Engagement

    It’s challenge season! Most gyms are planning one for the new year.   While they are exciting for your members, they can be overwhelming for nutrition coaches. It is important  to remember that the purpose of a challenge is to offer a FUN and ENGAGING experience for our members to start their health […]


Fact: Our audience needs to hear and see something 7-10 times for it to truly resonate AND not everyone responds to the same content type. This applies to your content, the message you are trying to share with your internal and external audience.  If you are sharing too many different ideas at once, people will […]


We all know great fitness coaches. Most of us ARE great fitness coaches. When bringing on a nutrition program, we typically lean to those incredible fitness coaches taking over the role of nutrition coaching. It makes sense – coaching is coaching, right? Wrong. Fitness and nutrition coaching are very different and as such, those coaches […]