Client Meetings and Flow

Program Policies

Program Cancellation

We recommend clients provide a 30-day cancellation notice for nutrition coaching packages

Meeting Policies

No Show: Offer to have a virtual meeting or phone call in lieu of the in person and then reschedule for in person the next month. We suggest doing this once and the next time it occurs they lose the appointment completely for that month and you reschedule them for next month.

Late Show: Continue to have the meeting for the remaining time allotted for that client. (This will result in a shortened meeting)

Cancel Meeting: We recommend clients are required to give you a 24 hour notice to cancel the meeting in order to qualify for it to be rescheduled.

🚨If you are struggling to get clients to keep their appointments, please review your meeting reminders to ensure they are getting an email reminder from the coach 24 hours prior for the initial consultation and ongoing coaching and a reminder in the HSN App 2 hours prior for ongoing coaching meetings. 🚨