Increasing Compliance and Engagement With Your Nutrition Clients

Full Webinar and Workbook

January 2022 Interactive Training: Increasing Compliance & Engagement With Nutrition Clients

Top 3 Mistakes

How Can We Fix Them?

  1. Start off on the right foot
    • Build the relationship through their WHY
    • Build yourself into the client journey
    • Use the HSN App on day one
  2. Get consistent
    • Stick to the client journey
    • Time Block
  3. Use a flexible approach
    • Keep the client in the drivers seat
    • Meeting the client where they are
    • Layering the habits and customizing the approach


This is a basic breakdown on the topic discussed in the webinar link below. For specific examples and role play on how to do this we highly recommend you watch the webinar and book your monthly mentor call for specific help and feedback.